Who & Why?

Hello!  I’m Angel...  

          ...and he is my husband, John. 

But, who are we? 

You remember back in high school - that couple that met freshman year and dated all through school, got married, had kids – that was us, except minus the kids.  That took many years and a lot of heartache, and at one point we thought it was just going to be the two of us.  So we thought, if it was just going to be us, we needed to start thinking about other life/goals, for us. What we wanted was simply a self-sufficient lifestyle, and to eventually be 'off the grid.'  So we started looking into how to achieve this goal. And a short time later we were expecting our daughter, Sera – our true gift from God, our miracle!  So everything stopped, our plans were sidetracked.

Six years later, God sent us another miracle - TWINS - Elijah and Evie.

The desire to be 'off the grid' has stayed there in the back of our minds, and even though we may never be able to be completely 'off the grid,' we are working towards as much of a self-sufficient life as we can get, to be less dependent upon the ‘modern world,’ and we were starting at ground zero.  

We were, and are, eager to learn.  

So, you really never know what might just show up on this blog – from homemaking and homeschooling to gardening and farming, health and cooking, to crochet and DIY projects, even stuff like making a fire with just two sticks and blacksmithing – we’re into everything, trying to find that ‘way of life’ most have lost and many have never known. 

We don’t know where this journey we are on will take us, but we hope that you will follow us as we explore our heritage, as we learn through research and as we learn from our parents and grandparents, through our successes and even through our failures.  We also hope that we can inspire you to explore the uncharted depths of your heritage as well.


Your boundary lines mark out pleasant places for me. 
Indeed, my inheritance is something beautiful.
~Psalm 16:6 (GW)