Planning and Journaling

It is almost Spring and we are excited to be planning our garden.

I put together a gardening/homesteading journal - nothing fancy - just an old, unused notebook with pockets, folders, notebook paper [for notes] and blank pages [to draw out plans] - something easy to keep up with and something that doesn't matter if it gets a little dirty when used outside. It will be nice to have something to carry around and make notes with.

I believe the journal will be a great tool to keep track of what works well, as well as to make notes of our failures. Hopefully we can learn from our mistakes each year, make adjustments, and improve. I really wish this is something that we started a lot sooner.

Do you keep a gardening and/or homesteading journal/log?

Something that we are planning to change up this year is the location of our vegetable garden. Our previous location seemed ideal. We enjoyed the proximity of the garden to the house and the shed. It also was on a hill, but leveled. The garden, well, it just looked good there. So what is wrong with this location? Morning Glories! and Bindweeds! Pesky weeds that are disguised as innocent flowers. But these weeds grow quickly, are nearly impossible to get rid of, and they choke out the vegetables.

We spent a little time the other day examining the property for a new location to try this year. We have a few ideas, though nothing has been determined yet. Before we make a decision we are going to do a little research about what we are wanting to try growing this year - we are currently working on our list.

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