Smoke in the House! Fire!?!

Blurry early this morning my husband woke me up saying, "There is smoke in the house! There is fire somewhere!"

I quickly followed his instructions to turn off fans, turn off the heating unit, grab the fire extinguisher. He took off to a smokey attic, where he found burning/melting around the AC/Heating Unit. Thank God that the house itself was not on fire!!!

Children are safe and warm, spending the day now with their Maw. The house is getting colder.

...and colder...

...and colder.

Apparently the motor burned up on the HVAC unit, and a couple of other things need to be replaced. Today is Sunday, so repairs won't be happening today.

We have one smallish radiator heater, and one very small space heater that we usually use in one of the bathrooms. The plan was to purchase one more radiator-type heater. Plans don't always work out though. After checking with two local Walmarts, Home Depot and Lowe's - all were COMPLETELY sold out of heaters!!! Thankfully my parents had a spare one that they are letting us borrow.

Two heaters placed strategically in the master bedroom and bathroom. Door closed to the bedroom to trap the heat inside. Bedroom is now nice and cozy. The rest of the house is FREEZING.

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