Second-Grade Curriculum

For our first couple of years homeschooling, Sonlight worked great for the most part. Everything we needed was already figured out and sent all together along with lesson plans. However, the History overall did not keep Sera's attention enough. I am now confident enough to change things up a bit and write my own lesson plans. It is now time to piece together a different curriculum based on what we have learned about Sera's interests and learning style.

Below you will find our choices listed and linked:

Customized Second-Grade Curriculum
America's 50 States: Maps, Flags, Dates, and Fun Facts

For her reading, we plan to utilize our library membership. We can also check out books to expand on subjects that are of special interest to her.  😊  Click HERE to see what we are reading currently, as well as a list of our "Favorite Kids' Books"

We found most of our curriculum at our annual local curriculum fair. It was a great opportunity to really look at our options, attend some workshops, and get some pretty good discounts. 

Excited for Second Grade!!!

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