The Letter F

Some weeks go better than others, and this week was a good week.  We had a lot of fun and she was eager to learn this week.  We did our finger painting project, making a Fish out of her hand print.

We colored her letter of the week, using a coloring page from Sesame Street, showing that "F" is for Flower.

I had written "F" on a piece of construction paper in preparation for our next activity and later found her tracing my "F."  I was happy to find her practicing on her own.

We used that piece of paper, gluing Feathers on it to make the letter "F."

I also found a printable that she could color and cut out pieces, which we then stapled together to make a book.

We are still using the practice pages with the dry-erase markers.

I use every opportunity to work in repetition of our letter for the week.  One of the books we found to read was "My Farm Friends."

And for her Bible lesson we talked about Jesus calling his disciples to Follow Him.  We colored a picture and made Footprints.

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