The Letter C

For "C" week we started out playing with some glue and made a Cotton "C" and some Clouds.

Finger painting is a hit.  So we continued our theme and made a Caterpillar.

Also we had in introduction to Cutting with her brand-new scissors.  We cut out basic shapes first.  

Then we cut out shapes for our little bug puzzle, gluing the shapes into their proper place.

We also made a Cat mask, which turned out to look a little too much like "Grumpy Cat." LOL.

Of course as you are going through the week you are continually finding things that start with your 'Letter of the Week' and talking about it.  We are still using the practice sheets inside the protective cover along with a dry-erase marker and we now have a white board that we use to practice with.  

We also have changed our Bible lessons up a bit.  The book we started with was not keeping her attention long enough, so we picked another one of her Bible story books and have been reading through it often and talk about the stories and I have been trying to find coloring pages that correspond to the lessons. 

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