The Letter B

"B" week went well.  We worked on writing, using the protective cover over the practice sheets.  She is really starting to like this activity.  

We also made a Bracelet using Beads. 

And of course we had to do some finger painting, so "B" is for Butterfly this week.

PBS has a lot of fun activities and printables.  We found this connect-the-dot Bee, so that snuck in some counting also.  She also colored a picture of the letter "B" and Big Bird from their site.  

And we also introduced glue!  Big hit!  We made the letter "B" out of Buttons.

Our Bible story of the week was about Noah and his obedience to God.  And also conveniently located during our "B" week was the Birthday of a family member.  So far, so good.  We are having lots and lots of fun together.

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