The Letter A

For our first week of "formal" activities, we thought that the best place to start would be, of course, with the letter 'A'. Throughout the week we painted pictures of ants and alligators. I also printed out a capital and lowercase 'A' for her to paint by herself. We talked about things that start with the letter 'A' and also worked on 'A' in sign language.

I found some writing practice sheets for the letter 'A' also. I put those in a protective cover and we used a dry-erase marker to work on writing skills.

For our Bible lesson we simply started reading the "Jesus Said Bible Storybook." The first lesson was about creation. This book tells the story and then gives a memory verse. We read and/or talked about this first story daily and practiced our memory verse all week.

We did some counting activities and she also has some educational games on the computer and Kindle that she worked with as well.

I have to say that overall the first week went really well. She has been so excited about her school room and the activities. I also learned a lot this week about how to modify activities, and I know that there will be much evolution as we learn together how home schooling will work best for the two of us (and ultimately the three of us, as Daddy becomes more involved).

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