A future filled with hope...

I have been feeling pulled in every direction. I am tired. I am worn. But I have been away too long, and I miss being here. I have missed the connections and friends I have made here. I miss the quality time with my family, and my husband. And I miss our plans and our goals. But our dreams and goals have definitely evolved over the last year with all of the changes within our lives. And – despite the challenges we have faced – we are blessed. We have grown a little more and gotten a little older [and hopefully a little wiser] along this way. We are not the same people. So, I am not sure how this blog will evolve as well. At this point we still have uncertainties [of course with life there are always uncertainties]. We are wondering about the future – thinking about the business and our careers, family plans, homesteading ventures, ministries, etc. We are looking forward to a hope.

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