DIY Jewelry Box

I was wanting better organization with my jewelry, and this was a simple solution using a medicine cabinet.  There are many styles to pick from, so you can get as fancy as you would like. 
The model of medicine cabinet I chose to use.

I selected some cork board, which came with its own sticky pads [or you could simply glue the cork board to the walls of the medicine cabinet]. 

Prepare the cabinet, take measurements for cork board.

You can easily cut out shapes with a box cutter/razor to fill in all areas of the medicine cabinet walls that you want to utilize to hang your jewelry, etc.

Apply sticky pads or glue to walls of cabinet.

And simply stick/glue the cork board to the medicine cabinet walls.

Add shelves to your cabinet.

There are also a number of styles of push pins to customize your jewelry box/cabinet with.  I opted for some wooden push pins, which matched the style and color of the interior of my box/cabinet.  Just move them around to whatever works for your items.  

Easy as can be!

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