Peaceful Retreat

“Peaceful Retreat”
(written by Sherrie Bradley Neal)
Down a narrow hidden path.
Sought out by Wisdom’s eye.
A peaceful place of refuge calls.
To come rest awhile beside.

Listen to the waters.
Falling over mountains steep.
To gently flow for endless days.
Through eternity’s retreat.

And on the far horizon.
Of the never setting sun.
The harvest of the whitened wheat.
Is very nearly done.

As work on earth comes to a close.
Peace will be complete.
Surrounded by the beauty.
Of eternity’s retreat.

Lee Buff (aka Dad), 1959-2012

This week has been such a whirlwind. Unreal. A shock. Sadly, and very unexpectedly, my husband’s dad passed from this life on Tuesday, October 9th. Our world will never be the same.  We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

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