My New Little Friend

Yes, I am referring to a spider. And I will start by saying, I don’t like spiders in my home, but this little guy and me have an agreement – as long as it stays outside, we can be friends.

On our hiking trips, John and I noticed some spider webs that were weaved into funnel shapes, beautiful works of art, absolute masterpieces. I had never really seen anything like them before. Then the other morning when I came outside I noticed a new, rather large web stretched between a window and chair, and behind the window’s shutter was the familiar funnel. I finally got to see the spider up close…and we had a little scare, the two of us. This species of spider is extremely fast! I believe I startled it just as much as it startled me, but it was so much fun seeing this spider up close.

From my research, I have found that the spider is appropriately called a “Funnel Web Grass Spider.” These spiders typically are non-aggressive and generally do not bite unless they feel threatened without option of escape. Just maybe, while ‘my friend’ is staying with us, it will take care of a few other insect pests.

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