Simple Solution (The Blue Bucket)

Since it is not convenient to run out to the compost pile several times a day to throw out kitchen scraps and since the kitchen is small and there really isn’t a good way to keep the scraps inside until the end of the day, I needed to find a practical solution.  I tried simply setting a bucket outside the backdoor, but this really wasn’t the best idea with children and pets and other critters around.  So after discussing the problem with my husband [who just so happens to be a blacksmith], John designed a couple of extended S-hooks for me to hang my 'blue compost bucket' on - close to the backdoor, perfect height, out of the rain, and these hooks also come down easily if I need to remove the entire set-up.

             Our simple solution…


  1. Love it! I may have to come up with a similar idea for our new home - where we will also have a compost pile. :) Thank you for following me. I am following you back. Feel free to link up one of your posts on my latest blog. And have a blessed weekend!

    1. Excited to have you here, Rosilind! And thank you for the invitation to link up over at your site too.