Playing in the Dirt

Anyone who has ever taken care of a small child will know that most projects take a little extra time, effort, and planning. But it is so worth it, when you see that child growing and learning and excited. We have been working in the yard, planning and preparing [mostly for next season]. However, we have set a small section aside to experiment with this fall (for now just some spinach and lettuce). So while John and I worked to get the ground prepared and the seeds sown, our daughter was given the opportunity to explore, play in the dirt, and even helped out a little (she was given the task of “throwing rocks out of the garden”).
"Play is the highest form of research." ~Albert Einstein


  1. You have me all excited to start my first-ever garden! I am not sure if we will make it for the fall planting...we're not moved in yet. But for sure we will be planting in the spring and I can't wait!! I have so many plans - we'll see how they pan out in real life. But I am sure my kids will have heaps of fun digging in the dirt with mommy. Thanks for linking up at Mommy Teaches!

  2. Glad you are getting excited too. Yep, I have so many plans as well, and trying not to get in over my head - but having a blast learning and getting started. And thanks again for welcoming me over at your blog hop. :)