Legend of the Persimmon Seed

Fall is definitely in the air, and off to a very cool start no less. We have already had several very chilly mornings that have required some long sleeves. This cold weather creeping in has already got me thinking about wintertime. Last winter was fairly mild here. It never really seemed to get that cold and we didn’t really get any snow. I have to admit, since our little girl is running around this year, I wouldn’t mind getting some snow – I really look forward to watching her see it for the first time and play in it.

So will we get any snow this winter? The Farmer’s Almanac suggests that we might…because apparently, according to folklore, one of the great predictors of the upcoming winter is the persimmon seed. Legend says that if you cut a persimmon seed in half, you will find an inner shape that resembles flatware. A knife shape indicates a cold, icy winter (wind cuts through you like a knife), a fork shape indicates a mild winter ahead with only possibly a dusting of snow, and if the shape inside the seed resembles a spoon, you should prepare for a snowy winter (shovel to dig out all the snow).

With our persimmons almost ripe, we decided to have a look at their seeds, and this is what we found...a spoon/shovel...every time.  So, does this legend hold any true merit? I guess only time will tell.
Have you tried this? What ‘piece of flatware’ did you find?

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  1. spoon, we have done this several years and it is always right.

    1. Fun! Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing your experience.