Home of our Future Herb Garden

I have wanted an herb garden for a really long time.  Herbs are so versatile.  They are not just for cooking!  They have many other uses around the home and garden (i.e. crafts, bouquets, insect repellant), and some can even be used medicinally or as beauty products. 

We have a perfect spot for our ‘cooking herbs.’  A somewhat small (7 ft x 4 ft) area that is located directly out the back door [the door that leads from the kitchen].  Since it is advised to prepare the soil well ahead of time, we have cleaned this area (in anticipation of spring planting) and have placed a couple of layers of some organic materials and later we will add fertilizer.  This location is ideal, not only for our convenience with its proximity to the kitchen, but also because this spot stays in the sunlight a good portion of the day.  Most of the herbs we are considering planting require a lot of sunlight, generally at least six hours a day. 


Since this garden will be relatively small, we will have to carefully choose which herbs to try out there in the coming year.  What are some of your favorites?  

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