Ground Zero

We have lived in our current home, here in Tennessee, for almost two years, during which time we had so much going on with settling in the home, the arrival of a new baby and our jobs that we honestly just didn’t have the time and/or energy to explore the approximately six acres on which we live.  Only recently have we been able to begin to take the steps into discovering what a self-sufficient life would look like where we currently live.  Someday we would love to perhaps be a little further from the ‘city life,’ but for now we are blessed with a little touch of country-feel in the middle of an urban area.  We are trying to start out small, trying not to get in over our heads.  We are currently working to observe the lay of the land, where water flows during rains, where the sun tends to pass by throughout the day, and learning about the wildlife (plants/trees and animals) here.  A lot of exploration and research is in store for us.

So this basically is what we are starting with…     


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