A Girl's Survival Knife

My husband has been interested in learning the basics of survival for a long time.  He has wanted to push his limits in order to see his capabilities.  I was fine with him wanting to learn and try these skills out, and I didn’t even mind hearing about what he was learning, but I didn’t think I would ever want to do it myself.  I love to learn new things, but this is something I thought that I could skip out on the experience part.  I was wrong.  He finally convinced me.  So, how did he win me over?  Well, honestly – after all the talking he had been doing on the subject – he got me to watch ‘Man, Woman, Wild’ and I was amazed at Ruth England-Hawke’s determination…and then I finally thought that it may be something I could actually do (maybe not quite to the extent in which the show takes it, but I could try out some of the skills nonetheless). 

I know some of the basics now, but there is so much I would need to learn before I would feel completely prepared to survive if I was stuck in a difficult situation.  We have ‘played’ in the backyard a little as John has taught me some things, like how to build a shelter and how to start a fire with a flint striker.  And as a little more incentive to learn these skills John has encouraged me to pick out my own ‘survival knife.’  A knife is an extremely useful tool, but there are so many options and you need to pick a knife that will fit the needs for its intended uses/situations.  So the other day he took me to a sporting goods store so that I could try to find a knife that I felt would best suit me.  After ‘trying some on’ and after a lot of thought, my pick was the SOG SEAL Pup – the size and feel seemed just right for me and I preferred its blade design.  And my husband surprised me with it when he came home from work today!
Of note, ladies, if you really want to shock a male sales associate working at the knife counter at your local sporting goods store, just tell him you are looking for a survival knife for yourself.  Apparently they don’t get that much from us girls.  

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