Planning Planting

A couple of weeks ago I shared our tentative plan for companion planting in our garden. Now it is time to decide just where in our yard we will place each of these sections of vegetable combinations, and to make preparations to actually start planting.

Time for a little more research... I learned which plants can and cannot be started indoors (mostly obvious) and which plants do not want their root systems disturbed. I also learned ideal timing for planting each vegetable. (It is important to note that we live in USDA Hardiness Zone 7, so depending upon where you live, timing could be different for you.) 

So far my journal has been extremely helpful to us. I am able to jot down notes quickly and scribble out plans, sit down for some research, keep it close by when we are outside working, and hopefully look back on it in the future-- to learn from what we have tried in the past. 

At the moment we have taken our companion planting notes and configured it into four main garden areas in our yard. We are preparing the ground and will begin planting soon.

Alright, we got lots of work to do now...see you later...

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