Saddles for Chickens

Unfortunately, our small flock of hens were beginning to lose their feathers due to an increasingly more aggressive rooster. We did some research for solutions, and found chicken saddles. This seemed like it might just work. We figured it would at least be worth trying to help protect our girls.

 We documented the (quite comical) experience of dressing the girls up (video below).

Have you tried chicken saddles in your flock?
What was your experience? Did they work for you?
Thinking of trying them? You can order them here: 


  1. Did you see whether they worked? We have some "favorite" chickens that could use something, but I wonder if the saddles would stay in place or get pushed aside when things get started. :)

    1. We did not keep them on the girls long enough to see if they worked for their intended purpose. :/

      Otherwise, the hens seemed to get used to them fairly quickly. And our rooster seemed to be fine around the hens while they wore them. The only reason we decided it was best not to use them was the issue stated at the end of the video --- we have some square fencing that helped to make up our run on the outside of the coop; one of our girls decided to try to get between it and the coop and got stuck because of the saddle. We were afraid for their safety after that. (Of note, we have since decided to remove the rooster from the equation. I will post about that soon.)

      If you decide to try out some chicken saddles, please stop back by and let me know how they worked for your hens. Thanks!

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