One EGGtravagant Dinner

We have been quite blessed. We have four hens, and we still get four eggs every day, despite us being in the winter months. Our typical go-to ways of cooking eggs are usually simply scrambled or hard-boiled. With our surplus of eggs, we decided we needed a breakfast-for-dinner night. We also decided it was time to change things up a bit. 

Trying something new. 
Bread (pressed down in the middle), egg in the center, cheese around the edges. 
Baked until egg was done and bread was toasted.
This was sooo good!

Poached eggs.

Fried eggs.

Dinner was EGGtraordinary. But now we are all EGGhausted.
Time to learn how to sell eggs.

Anyone interested in buying a dozen, or three, eggs?

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