Backyard Survival with Dad

Over the weekend Dad and Daughter had a backyard adventure. Teaching Sera, practicing building a fire, cooking outside. Really just enjoying being outside together on a unusually warm day in January.
Sera's bushcraft kit.

Checking the coop for eggs.

6 eggs were collected! Eggs are now on today's menu.

Dad's bushcraft kit.

Making "shavings" from fatwood to be used to start the fire.
Getting prepped to cook.

Getting the fire going.
Sera practiced using a ferro rod and Dad gave the flame a little extra oxygen.

What's on the menu?
Scrambled Eggs
Boiled Eggs
Bannock Bread (Click HERE for Recipe)
Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate!

Bannock Bread!


Whoops, bottom got a little burnt.

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  1. This looks like a special day between dad and daughter! I’m sure she learned a lot!!