VLOGmas 2017

My collection of Christmas vlogs for this year.

On our first day of Christmas (December 22, 2017) we were all scheduled to go to Maw's house, but plans had to change... #shingles

On our second day of Christmas (December 23, 2017) we spent some time with Mamaw Ann and had dinner with some family and friends.

On our third day of Christmas (Christmas Eve 2017), I totally failed filming #OutOfFocus #ForgotToHitRecord

On our fourth day of Christmas (Christmas Day 2017), we had a slow, peaceful day spent at home with a visit from Nana and Poppy.

On our fifth day of Christmas (December 26, 2017), we had visited Granny and at the end of the day Sera left us to spend the night with Nana and Poppy.

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